Red Snapper

Species: Lutjanus Malabaricus

Source : WPP 573 – Indian Ocean 

Fishing Method : Handline fishing by Balinese and NTB Fishermen


Red snapper (Lutjanus Malabaricus) is a large demersal fish that the most valuable commercial species in Indonesia. Red snapper has a large mouth and black blotch at the base of the tail.

Our red snapper is wild caught by Bali and NTB fishermen using handline, the traditional fishing method which is sustainable and eco-friendly. Caught in WPP-RI 573 (Indian Ocean) with a minimum weight of 1.8 kgs and minimum length of 50 cm to ensure the maturity and sustainability of the fish​.

Red Snapper is a common white fish that can be used in many type of dishes. The meat has a firm texture with a sweet and nutty aftertaste.
Red snapper becomes an everyday favourite for grilling, broiling and perhaps pan fried with butter and fresh herbs.

Here are some of the health benefits of red snapper:

• Helps in weight loss
• Helps in muscle growth
• Rich in omega 3 fatty acids
• May support thyroid health
• Prevents oxidative stress and free radical damage
• Strengthens the immune system
• Keeps eyes healthy
• Lowers blood pressure
• Supports heart health
• Good for brain health
• May improve mood and reduce depressive symptoms
(Source: Times Foodie)

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