PT Lucky Samudra Pompano

Our Partner PT Lucky is an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable fish farm located in the pristine waters in the north of Pulau Seribu. PT Lucky is a champion amongst fish farms around the world as they create an ecobalance between farming and the health of the ocean. The fish pens are located in an area where the water slowly flows though in a steady current. Beneath the pens, a rich field of seaweed is planted and maintained where the excess food and waste particles are secured in the seaweed field and act as a fertilizer creating the ecobalance. The seaweed also produces oxygen in quantities to equal that used by the fish.

Pompano is a light meat firm fish, extremely healthy for our diets as it is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The pompano are fed an SGS Laboratory certified feed which complies with all international regulations on harvesting of fish for feed. The feed itself is sustainably produced, highly monitored for quality, and certified.
The fish is harvested daily and either frozen instantly to -98 C or it is delivered fresh to sushi bars in Asia. Pompano is a favorite fish of sushi chefs!