Bali Sustainable Seafoods is partnered with PT Alter Trade Indonesia located in East Java. Alter is the leader in the production of Black Tiger Ecoshrimp. Their aquaculture system is based on 100% natural and organic methods of shrimp growth. There are no hormones, chemicals, drugs or other used in the raising of their shrimp. This remarkable feat is accomplished by creating a sustainable, circular, ecological environment based on seeding the ponds with algae which grow from sunlight, then seeding the ponds with plankton which, eat the algae and then are consumed by the shrimp. The density of the shrimp is only a 10th of normal shrimp aquaculture so the shrimp are clean tasting, firm and again free from any chemicals or un-natural elements. Also in the ponds are milk fish and in true polyculture style keep the ponds clean and thriving.
The shrimp are all produced by local farmers on an artisanal scale, hand harvest, and mostly sold to Japan. BSS and PT Alter work together to b ring this excellent healthy, eco-friendly shrimp to Bali restaurants and to your home via our home delivery service