Octopus From Bali

Octopus From Bali


Our Uluwatu octopus is caught using a sustainable method of fishing called ‘jigging’. A single line and artificial lures, made from aluminium and wood, which look like small fish and have single or double-hooks. A fisher in a one-person boat with an outboard motor goes fishing for octopus almost every day. They start in the early hours of the morning and return late in the afternoon.

The fishers fish for octopus on the coral reefs following the reef slopes, jigging the lures up and down. The octopus is brought into the boat and kept in a tub or bag filled with seawater.

The allowable catch size has to be over 600 grams, and female octopus need to have laid their eggs. The octopus is then collected daily from the fishers by Bali Sustainable Seafood and delivered directly to the restaurants.

Bali Sustainable Seafood, together with LINI, a Bali-based conservation organization, and its partner, the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, are learning more about the traditional octopus fishery in Bali, to understand its impact on the reef ecosystems, and later on to raise the awareness of the fishers about reef conservation, and to develop small-scale octopus fisheries management.
Thank you for enjoying the freshest sustainable seafood in the world!


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