Bali Sustainable Seafood was established in 2017 to provide high quality seafood for a wide arrange of local businesses. All our seafood products are wild caught and harvested using sustainable fishing methods.


Salmon Portion

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Black Tiger Prawn

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What Sustainability means to us?

Sustainability means low environmental impacts on fish stocks and the ecosystems, ensuring continuous supply for today and tomorrow’s generations, as well as thriving fishing communities.  Bali Sustainable Seafood works hand in hand with a local Indonesian foundation to support the development of Indonesian handline fishing communities through improved market access and community development. The health of the oceans and the communities that depend on it is a key priority for our business which is why we, at Bali Sustainable Seafood, have made sustainability a core value of our business.

Concretely, Bali Sustainable Seafood support the Indonesian Handline Fair Trade program as well as the on-going Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for the Eastern Indonesian Handline fishery, working towards Marine Stewardship Certification.