Wild and farmed Barramundi are some of the most popular fish to be served in restaurants in Bali. Barramundi is an excellent white meat fish that cooks perfectly on the grill or in a saute pan.

Our BSS Barramundi come from small scale, individual artesian fishermen located in eastern Java. They fish on small vessels, less than one ton in gross weight and land the catch daily or sometimes stay overnight. Their fishing area is generally at the mouth of rivers where the fresh water meets the salty seawater.

These fishermen are sustainable by nature and fishing method. Fish are caught on medium to large hooks to prevent small size fish being caught as the value of larger fish is greater. The fishers bycatch is minimal and always used for consumption at local level. The fishers cause no damage to the environment due to the one man one hook fishing methods and never engage with Marine Mammals or other Endangered species.


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